It’s Time to Outsource

Savvy business owners know there are good times and bad times to outsource. There are aspects to every business that are critical to manage internally, and there are necessary functions that can be done more effectively and efficiently by finding the right outsourced provider. Generally, outsourcing should be considered in either of the following two cases: 1) when greater efficiency can be achieved externally; or 2) when specific expertise is required that cannot reasonably be created internally. For many small businesses, accounting fits not one, but both of these criteria. Most small business owners are better off focusing on makingRead more

Portals Promote Collaboration

Portals Promote Collaboration

Cloud software has brought a wealth of user-focused solutions to businesses of all sizes. One such solution, useful to almost any business, is a secure portal. Secure portals allow for the encrypted transfer of files and a central repository of information that can be shared and accessed in a collaborative fashion. Whether you are sharing information with clients or providing and receiving accounting and tax information, portals can provide a better alternative to traditional communication and filing solutions such as mail and email. Portals allow for 128 or 256 bit SSL encryption and unique user access so parties can shareRead more

Simplify it with SaaS

SaaS solutions allow businesses of all sizes to benefit from leading software solutions without the costly upfront expense, hardware requirements, and headaches that can go along with locally run software solutions. It’s a growing trend and generally a win-win for all concerned. SaaS solutions are often paid for on a user by user basis, and accessed through a web browser or thin client. This allows businesses to use robust solutions with access to data from anywhere, anytime, without the cost, maintenance, and security risks associated with locally hosted solutions. What are some common SaaS solutions you might want to consider?Read more