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How would it feel to go from chaos to comfort with your business’s finances?


How would it feel to have cash-flow during the slow months?


Would you be able to grow more if you had the money to invest in your business?


Imagine how it would feel to go to work each day feeling money-freedom, instead of money-trapped. Getting out from under the weight and fear of debt and being debt-free. No longer fearful of the numbers but empowered to make better business decisions. How would it feel to have control of your business and have the money on hand to pay your taxes and invest in your future? As your advocate and team member, we will see to it that all of this is true and more.

This is how it works

By understanding where you’re at, getting your accounting in order, incorporating effective systems, and having a maintenance plan, this will give you peace of mind and the ability to make wise business decisions. Whatever comes up, we’ve got you covered.

The Analytical Phase

We learn about you, your business, and unique challenges. We talk about where are you and where you want to be. And we discuss what’s not working and what is working.

The Cleanup Phase

We perform a QB Analysis to determine the condition of the existing data. The books are put in order so that all of the moving-money-parts are connected & correct. And we assure that all bank accounts, credit cards, and loans are accounted for and have accurate balances.

The Systems Phase

We work with you to implement the Profit First system to assure cash during slow months and money for taxes.  An aspect of PF is to create a cash reserve system so that money is available to grow your business.  And a payroll system to easily on-board new employees or subcontractors. 

The Maintenance Phase

We take the burden of record-keeping off of your plate.  We alleviate the paperwork-jam of bills & statements in the office.  We pay the bills, and make sure loans and credit cards are paid on time.  And we’ll provide financial statements that you can actually understand. 

Create freedom by moving from chaos to order in your business.



My father was one of the hardest-working men I ever knew.  

He’d leave for work before we got up and come home when it was dark.  He worked a physically demanding job as a contractor, and also built the two homes that my four siblings and I grew up in.  When I was about 10 years old, he went into business with a friend.

It all seemed to be going okay until my senior year in high school, when he announced, right before the holidays, that the business was folding.  I could see it in his eyes how devastated he was. My heart broke for him. He worked so hard – tirelessly – day in and day out – and now there was nothing to show for it.  All of the dreams he had for that business, and our family, were now gone. What followed was a year of food stamps and free lunches at school.

This is why I’m an advocate for hardworking people like you.  I know, that by getting your business finances in shape, you will have a more profitable business and not miss the important moments in your family’s life.