Month: January 2017

Simplify it with SaaS

SaaS solutions allow businesses of all sizes to benefit from leading software solutions without the costly upfront expense, hardware requirements, and headaches that can go along with locally run software solutions. It’s a growing trend and generally a win-win for all concerned. SaaS solutions are often paid for on a user by user basis, and accessed through a web browser or thin client. This allows businesses to use robust solutions with access to data from anywhere, anytime, without the cost, maintenance, and security risks associated with locally hosted solutions. What are some common SaaS solutions you might want to consider? Accounting software, such as hosted QuickBooks, provides both security and easy, real-time access for internal and external accountants and bookkeepers. Bill pay services allow for easy handling of payables while reducing paper and postage expenses. CRM solutions allow sales and relationship-driven organizations to share information, track leads, and maximize their pipelines. Collaborative project management software allows multiple users, in multiple locations across different organizations, to share information and work together just like they are sitting next to each other. As both the local and global business environments continue to become more and more competitive, successful businesses of all sizes need Continue Reading »