The Plan


Immutable Laws

What is your business culture?  How does it shine through to your team and to your clients?

Immutable Laws are a blend of personal ethics and core values. They define how we show up in the world, which means they also define our business and its culture. They are so important that if there is misalignment, the relationship with our team or our clients could falter.  These are ours:

  • Honesty – we are upfront and tell it like it is.  
  • Kindness – negative people are no fun to be around or to work with.  
  • Professionalism – performing at a high level of integrity and reliability demonstrates that this work is important to us. We expect it to be important to our clients, as well.
  • Respect – we have regard for the feelings and opinions of others, and assume the same in return.
  • Responsibility – to have a mutually beneficial relationship, it’s important to take ownership of our contribution to it; good or bad.

How We Work With You

The Analytical Phase helps us understand you and your business

  • You will fill out a short questionnaire and schedule a call.
  • The discovery call lasts about 30 to 60 minutes. We’ll have a conversation about your business and the challenges you are facing. We’ll learn about each other to see if we are a good fit to work together. If we both agree, we’ll then discuss what a customized engagement would look like for your business.

The Cleanup Phase helps get your accounting in order and up to date

  • We perform a QuickBooks Analysis to determine the condition of the existing data.
    • Are the financial statements easy to interpret?
    • Are all of the bank accounts, credit cards, and loans up to date?
    • Is QuickBooks set up in a way that is meaningful to you?
  • You’ll receive an in-depth report that outlines every aspect of QB and the work that needs to be done to get it where it should be; clean and up to date.
  • Using the aforementioned report as a guide, we’ll get QB in order so that all of the moving-money-parts are connected & correct.

The Systems Phase is likely to be the most impactful to your business

  • Systems and processes fix the broken parts and the time-sucking pieces of your company.
  • We’ll learn what those parts and pieces are and work with you to streamline them. Oftentimes, it’ll involve a technology solution.
  • We’ll look for ways to streamline and simplify all of the moving-money-parts so that you are pushing a lot less paper around.
  • We work with you to implement the Profit First system to assure cash during slow months, money for taxes and payroll, as well as the reserves to grow when you’re ready.

The Maintenance Phase keeps all of the moving-money-parts running seamlessly and easily, which gives you peace of mind and valuable information to make sound business decisions.

  • We take the burden of record-keeping off of your plate.
  • The paperwork-jam of bills and statements in the office is lessened or alleviated.
  • We pay the bills and make sure loans and credit cards are paid on time.
  • And most importantly, we’ll provide financial statements that you can actually understand.