Profit First Consulting

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Outsourced Accounting Department

Business owners have many things on their plate. This service greatly reduces the burdens of bill paying, payroll processing, bookkeeping, all that paper shuffling, and (maybe most of all) managing an employee to do the work.

With our high-level outsourced accounting services, we will:

  • Handle the on-time payments to all of your vendors, lenders, and credit cards
  • Be your payroll provider
  • Manage cash flow so that you don’t have to think about it
  • Create and send you meaningful reports
  • Create and manage budgets and forecasts

We’ve put together a suite of cloud technologies that allow us to work 100% remotely and paperless. So this means that we are not taking up precious office space and our clients have anytime anywhere access to financial information. Let’s work together to solve your business problems and get your accounting humming along so that you don’t have to think about it. Let’s define, analyze, and improve.

QuickBooks/Bookkeeping Review

Some business owners have a bookkeeper that manages the bookkeeping work well, but they’d like a second set of eyes to review data and to produce reports. Others are managing the data themselves, and need someone to do the reconciliations. Then, there are those that aren’t quite ready for our highest level of service that would like to take an interim step.

With a monthly review, we will:

  • Reconcile all of your bank accounts, loans, and credit cards
  • Review your financial reports to make sure that transactions have been recorded correctly
  • File your sales taxes if you need us to, as well as 1099s at the end of the year

Won’t it be great when you have the reports you need to make intelligent business decisions?

QuickBooks Cleanup and Setup

QuickBooks can be an easy solution to use, but if the set-up hasn’t been done properly, it can cause all kinds of havoc. And the more moving money-parts there are, the more complicated it can become. Why spend hours of your precious time trying to figure out something that you aren’t skilled at? We are skilled QuickBooks ProAdvisors that stay current with the latest updates by conferring with peers and attending industry conferences.

Conversion from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online can be tricky. We make sure all of the kinks are worked out, before the conversion, to ensure an easy transition to working in the cloud.

Not using any accounting software yet? We’ll set up a new QuickBooks Online account so that you start off on the right foot.