The Green Industry is a lot like accounting. Really. When your clients want a consistently perfect lawn, or need help managing an ambitious, unique landscaping project, their best bet is to hire you – a knowledgeable, experienced professional. Likewise, when you need help managing the accounting needs of your landscape or lawn care business, you know you need a professional – preferably one who knows your industry inside out.

Why do you need an accountant who knows the lawn care and landscape business? It’s simple; you have needs unique to your field. You wouldn’t trust an attorney to trim trees for you, and you shouldn’t trust your company’s financial future to an accountant who doesn’t know the difference between a rhododendron and a raised bed.

Whether you’re looking to manage expenses, sort out a bookkeeping nightmare, or focus your efforts on running your Green business more efficiently and profitably, Lori Petersen is the go-to accountant for landscaping and lawn care professionals. She understands the unique challenges you face, and she can help you transform your business by teaching you how to trim expenses, nurture your best clients, and watch your profits bloom.

From ensuring you plan to meet your tax obligations to developing a strategy to grow your profitability, Lori is your go-to problem solver. When it comes to profitability, Lori Petersen has her own variety of green thumb… the kind that makes you money.