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Paperless Workflow

More and more businesses are making an effort to reduce or limit paper usage and physical storage. The potential benefits are easy to see: reduced supply costs, less waste, elimination of destruction and storage costs, and improved workflow efficiency. But sometimes it’s easier to see the destination than to navigate the road to get there safely. The fact is, as inefficient and wasteful as paper can be, its use in many ongoing business processes has become so ingrained that many professionals just don’t feel comfortable without it. It’s like going from reading paperback books to reading books on a tablet. Even if you know the reading experience should be just as good, if not better on a Kindle or Nook, to many it just doesn’t have the same feel. So what can businesses do to ensure a successful paperless transition? At AccountSolve, we have implemented cloud-based solutions, eliminated paper storage, and reduced paper-based reporting and communications with clients. This involves changing not only how we do business on a day to day basis, but getting our clients on board with the new processes as well. Here are five things we’ve learned along the way: Define your process first. Include the Continue Reading »

Portals Promote Collaboration

Portals Promote Collaboration

Cloud software has brought a wealth of user-focused solutions to businesses of all sizes. One such solution, useful to almost any business, is a secure portal. Secure portals allow for the encrypted transfer of files and a central repository of information that can be shared and accessed in a collaborative fashion. Whether you are sharing information with clients or providing and receiving accounting and tax information, portals can provide a better alternative to traditional communication and filing solutions such as mail and email. Portals allow for 128 or 256 bit SSL encryption and unique user access so parties can share information safely and effectively, and provide a secure backup of valuable information. At AccountSolve, we use client portals to provide quick and easy two-way transfer of information between our professionals and our clients – limiting risk, postage, and workloads. Clients have on-demand secure access to archived information and both clients and our professionals can securely send financial information (even very large files) anytime. If you frequently collaborate with clients or vendors, send large files, or need a level of encrypted security that email can’t offer, consider a secure portal solution for your business.  

Simplify it with SaaS

SaaS solutions allow businesses of all sizes to benefit from leading software solutions without the costly upfront expense, hardware requirements, and headaches that can go along with locally run software solutions. It’s a growing trend and generally a win-win for all concerned. SaaS solutions are often paid for on a user by user basis, and accessed through a web browser or thin client. This allows businesses to use robust solutions with access to data from anywhere, anytime, without the cost, maintenance, and security risks associated with locally hosted solutions. What are some common SaaS solutions you might want to consider? Accounting software, such as hosted QuickBooks, provides both security and easy, real-time access for internal and external accountants and bookkeepers. Bill pay services allow for easy handling of payables while reducing paper and postage expenses. CRM solutions allow sales and relationship-driven organizations to share information, track leads, and maximize their pipelines. Collaborative project management software allows multiple users, in multiple locations across different organizations, to share information and work together just like they are sitting next to each other. As both the local and global business environments continue to become more and more competitive, successful businesses of all sizes need Continue Reading »