Should Your Small Business Hire an Accountant?

Should Your Small Business Hire an Accountant?

Whether you’ve played baseball, football, basketball or soccer, odds are you signed up to play on a team. This team consisted of a Coach. The coach would observe your abilities during practice or try outs and then make a sound decision on what position you should play — recognizing your strengths. At practice the coach would also identify areas you needed to improve upon, to become a better player on the team. The goal of the Coach is to see the team work together and enhance their skills, ultimately to succeed. When you are interested in learning to play an instrument, speak a different language, learn to dance, or book a fancy vacation – 9 times out of 10 you would seek the help or guidance of a professional in the particular area of interest. The same is true for a small business. As a new/existing business owner, why wouldn’t you want to look for a mentor to help you grow? As an accountant, we like to think of ourselves as a coach or “money partner” to your business. We also enjoy watching young entrepreneurs evolve.The most important thing you can do when it comes to your business finances is Continue Reading »

Professional Development Drives Success

Seasoned business owners know the importance of developing homegrown talent within their organization. Investing in training and improving your people will improve your culture, productivity, and ultimately, your bottom line. So how should an organization go about ensuring their people are moving forward and not stuck in neutral? Here are four simple ideas businesses can incorporate to help their employees grow professionally: Provide a professional improvement plan for each employee. Most workers are happiest and most productive when they understand their future career path within an organization. Implementing professional development plans for your employees will help you monitor their progress, find the best fit for their skillset, and ensure that they are developing the skills that will allow them to bring value to the organization. Reward improvement. When an employee becomes more valuable to your organization, reward them for their improvement. Both monetary and non-monetary rewards can work, but be sure that improved responsibility and performance are rewarded with additional compensation. And don’t be afraid to publicize the rewards provided. Match increased skills with increased responsibility. Continue to challenge employees to improve. You’ll quickly find out which employees are motivated to rise to the challenge. Once you identify these individuals, Continue Reading »

People Power – Retain Top Talent

The economy is starting to heat up across many sectors. While economic improvement provides opportunities, small businesses are facing the increasing challenge of hiring and retaining talented employees. Why is it imperative to retain your best people? People are the foundation of every successful business. The importance of each employee is even greater within small businesses, especially for those who have felt the pain of losing top talent. Finding a replacement that you trust can be a timely and expensive proposition. So what can you do to motivate and retain employees? Find the right recipe. There isn’t one right answer. It’s important to find a “recipe” of benefits and culture that make employees feel secure and empowered. Traditional motivators such as time-off, healthcare benefits, and flexibility of scheduling are a good start. Don’t underestimate the small things either. Small investments by the business can have large effects on employees. Simple recognition of hard work goes a long way – saying “thank you” or expressing appreciation for a job well done. Wellness programs and the opportunity for community involvement can also build camaraderie and loyalty. Demonstrate opportunity for professional advancement. Beyond simple benefits, many are motivated by the opportunity for new Continue Reading »