Paperless Workflow

More and more businesses are making an effort to reduce or limit paper usage and physical storage. The potential benefits are easy to see: reduced supply costs, less waste, elimination of destruction and storage costs, and improved workflow efficiency. But sometimes it’s easier to see the destination than to navigate the road to get there safely. The fact is, as inefficient and wasteful as paper can be, its use in many ongoing business processes has become so ingrained that many professionals just don’t feel comfortable without it. It’s like going from reading paperback books to reading books on a tablet. Even if you know the reading experience should be just as good, if not better on a Kindle or Nook, to many it just doesn’t have the same feel. So what can businesses do to ensure a successful paperless transition? At AccountSolve, we have implemented cloud-based solutions, eliminated paper storage, and reduced paper-based reporting and communications with clients. This involves changing not only how we do business on a day to day basis, but getting our clients on board with the new processes as well. Here are five things we’ve learned along the way: Define your process first. Include the Continue Reading »