Are you tired?

Everyone is talking and advising and putting on the pressure to plan or to make resolutions.  There is so much of it that it’s getting tiresome.

Equally tiresome is repeating the same actions, the same patterns, and the same year as the one before it.

I know, because I’ve been there.  

Here’s what I know for sure: that if your business isn’t profitable, it affects every single aspect of your life.  I repeat…..

Every. Single. Aspect.

Your business.  Your decisions. Your clients.  Your employees. Your partner. Your children.  

And if you think your brave face is hiding it from them, I guarantee you are not.  I know, because I’ve been there too. But, here’s the thing — I’ve been on the receiving end of that stress and it’s no damn fun.  My father had his own business and he worked all the time, at home or elsewhere.  It wasn’t as profitable as it needed to be. We rarely saw him. If my dad thought he was putting on a brave front, or hiding the stress from the family, he was wrong.  Dead wrong.

So, here’s my question: what do you want?  

If the answer is that you want another unprofitable year, then – cool – we are done here.  You can stop reading.

But, if you are fed up, and you are tired, and you are ready to make decisions, and to make changes this year – or dare I say it, this decade – different than the last, then the only answer is sustainable profitability.

Stop being consumed by worry or despair.  

Become empowered through profitability.  Read Profit First.  Implement the only cash management system that will tame the cash eating monster.

And, if you need help, visit our contact page and schedule a call. 

Are you tired?

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