Month: August 2018

Professional Development Drives Success

Seasoned business owners know the importance of developing homegrown talent within their organization. Investing in training and improving your people will improve your culture, productivity, and ultimately, your bottom line. So how should an organization go about ensuring their people are moving forward and not stuck in neutral? Here are four simple ideas businesses can incorporate to help their employees grow professionally: Provide a professional improvement plan for each employee. Most workers are happiest and most productive when they understand their future career path within an organization. Implementing professional development plans for your employees will help you monitor their progress, find the best fit for their skillset, and ensure that they are developing the skills that will allow them to bring value to the organization. Reward improvement. When an employee becomes more valuable to your organization, reward them for their improvement. Both monetary and non-monetary rewards can work, but be sure that improved responsibility and performance are rewarded with additional compensation. And don’t be afraid to publicize the rewards provided. Match increased skills with increased responsibility. Continue to challenge employees to improve. You’ll quickly find out which employees are motivated to rise to the challenge. Once you identify these individuals, Continue Reading »