Month: February 2018

It’s Time to Outsource

Savvy business owners know there are good times and bad times to outsource. There are aspects to every business that are critical to manage internally, and there are necessary functions that can be done more effectively and efficiently by finding the right outsourced provider. Generally, outsourcing should be considered in either of the following two cases: 1) when greater efficiency can be achieved externally; or 2) when specific expertise is required that cannot reasonably be created internally. For many small businesses, accounting fits not one, but both of these criteria. Most small business owners are better off focusing on making money than counting money. When owners spend too much time counting money, other key areas of the business tend to suffer. It’s no wonder that most small business owners quickly come to the realization that it’s not in their best interest to personally handle their own financials. Traditionally, for many businesses the next logical step has been to hire a part-time, internal bookkeeper. But with limited resources, most businesses struggle to find the right individual. Honestly, the best and the brightest aren’t typically available for part-time, relatively low-paying work. Fortunately, outsourced accounting service providers can provide the perfect solution. Partnering Continue Reading »